Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's the little ways...

I love my nieces...and I like to think they love me back. It might only be because I buy them presents or because I go along with their plans with little proteset, but the way I figure it- I don't get to see them much and it doesn't bother me- so why not?

Recently I went and visited Matthew and his family and while we were driving somewhere Danielle when she dropped this little bomb:
(We were talking about what kinds of animals we liked)

Aunt Tewa, when I'm wewy old...Like your age, I will get a dog.

Me: Really? when your really old, huh?

(Matthew was snorting with laughter from the front seat.)

In other news my grandmother thinks I'm sterile because of a conversation I had with Stella and Danielle last thanksgiving.

Matthew and family had picked me up from my apt to drive to Boone and the girls kept asking where my children were (I get that a lot from kids). I explained that I didn't have any, just the cat and bird.

I was sitting between the two girls when Danielle asked me "why dont' you have any babies Aunt Tewa"?
Me: "Because I'm Barron"
I knew she wouldn't know what that ment but it would be funny. WHILE I'm telling her this, Stella pops out with this bit:

Stella: "Terra, you should have children so you won't be lonely"
me: Really?

Matthew and Mary Anne were practically crying they were laughing so hard while trying to asure me that they hand't ever said that to the girls or prompted them to say it to me.
It was pretty funny =)

On an up note, I told Isabella that I adored her, and she asked me what that ment. I told her that it ment I loved a lot. She gave me a big hug and told me that she "adored" me too. Interestingly Isabella has never asked me why I don't have kids or expressed any desire for me to have them. The thing is she LOVES babies and was upset to learn that Megan wasn't planning on any more any time soon.
Megan's theory is that she doesn't want me to have kids so she doesn't have to share me :)


Matthew said...

Being in a warcraft guild means never having to be lonely.

Liz said...

I'm of the opinion that having kids can make you feel MORE lonely b/c it just points out to you the lack of support that you have if you don't already have it.

You're free right now to do what you want- UNENCUMBERED - that can be a very powerful thing! Have some fun with it- b/c once the babies come, the fun travels slow down quite a bit b/c hauling baby gear anywhere away from home SUCKS! :)

See how I can make you feel better! haha

Mary Ann said...

Kids hate sharing. I have daily proof of that. Megan must be on to something.

Terra said...

From what I've observed from megan and others parenthood is just lovely :) I think being an Aunt is a pretty sweet gig.