Sunday, July 05, 2009

A very full weekend

I've been staying with my brother and his family for the last bit, and it's been nice.
Busy but nice.
They really make a point to go out and do "adventures" almost daily with their kids, and this weekend was no different. St. Louis as a city has really gone out of it's way to provide it's citizens awsome FREE activities.
They have a wonderful zoo that we visited, with lions, tigers and bears! and sea lions and penguins (that in cold weather they take out in a "Penguin Parade"). An Art Museum, Grants Farm and lots of parks.

This weekend we went to the zoo twice- once on Friday for the concert series and then we went back Saturday morning in oder to pet the Sting Rays.
It rained Saturday morning...a lot.
But we just got out the umbrellas and went anyway, because in the zoo they have some really nice exhibit houses for the primates, reptiles and...another one that I can't remember.
They also have a free ranging Peacock and hen, which due to my distrust of birds makes me nervous, even though we were not harrased by the birds.
We got to go the a place in teh zoo called "Play Station" which is a room that lets kids come in and play at different activity stations. One of the nice things about it is the fact that they limit the number of children that are in the room at one time and have sessions that are 45 minutes in length. It's pretty cool- and all teh employees at this zoo are really nice too.

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Matthew said...

It was lots of fun! Good to have you around for it.