Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is what is called "Fugly"

I've been trying to work my way through the piles of unfinished projects and in doing so have picked up crochet again. As in other aspects of my life I have a tendency to want to create something that my skill set is just not quite good enough for...

My friend Lissa is pregnant with her second child, which will be a boy. Even though she has shot down all of my name suggestions, including "Nevin" (which is a good name people) I have decided to crochet a little baby jacket for the munchkin.

...My first attempt is, well...fugly. Really Fugly.
See for yourself:
This photo is of the unfinished was pretty ugly so I took it apart and will be revisiting the pattern instructions as well as my technique on the stitches in an effort to create an un-fugly sweater for the child to wear.

UPDATE: It turns out I was doing the stitch completely wrong...which might have something to do with how badly the sweater was turning out.

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