Monday, October 19, 2009

and I win...again and again...and again.

Because I'm having trouble sleeping and Jason is a Star Wars geek we started discussing who we would cast if there was ever a re-make of the original three movies...I will let you know who we decide later.

Right now I will let you know what bet Jason lost this time.

Was Boba Fett a clone of Jingo Fett?

Jason said no...

I said yes...

and according to Wikipedia I am correct!

Unfortunately I couldn't think of anything that I was wanted as a reward and closed the bet with nothing but bragging rights. I also stated that Boba Fett was the FIRST clone of Jinga Fett (which Jason didn't think was correct either) but before I could re-bet him wikipedia cheated me out of my win.

This bet was particularly sweet to me because years ago I entered a bet with his brother James about the movie Spider Man and lost dismally.
This is also coupled with the fact that I'm not sure I ever actually watched "Episode II" all the way through and suspect that I did my "get the gist while fast forwarding all parts that are either boring or potentially embarrassing/uncomfortable/awkward" thing, that I do that makes it unpleasant to watch movies with me.

Now all I wish is that I could have thought of something better than bragging rights.


Melissa said...

I am hurt and offended that Wikipedia was consulted for this one. I could have answered this one no problem and even played the scene for you over the phone.

I have been consulted on so many others but not the ONE bet that I am pratcially an expert on. :(

Matthew said...

Yup, the movie is quite clear on this point. Technically, you could have gone for the bonus points that all the storm troopers are 'altered' clones of Jango. Boba is the only unaltered clone of Jango.