Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When I first arrived in Olympia, WA I pretty much just threw my stuff in the spare bedroom and left it there with the door closed till...last night.

I promised Jason that I would get it organized since some friends are comming to visit in abou three weeks.

First I moved the bed in the bedroom to the middle of the room to make way for the half sanded dresser that was living in the spare bedroom until...last night.

Then I pushed piles around in grande Terra fashion until I got distracted by my box of photographs, which I took to the livingroom to make new piles.

(Jason got me a 12inch digital frame that I still need to load with photos) I found a good pile that I either want to load on the frame or get frame and display in some way.


summer07 said...

The room looks great Babe, Thank You

Matthew said...

You know, Dad is very fond of cleaning up by subdividing piles.

Mary Ann said...

So, do you feel better after all that moving-cleaning-shuffling-organizing?

Terra said...

I don't really feel any better after moving stuff around. The way the room has to be layed out with the dresser means the bed is facing the "wrong" way. I don't have anywhere to put my books, so I'm looking for a book case now.

I think we all know I got my pile making skills honestly :)