Monday, December 28, 2009

P90X Journal

After hearing raves about a workout program called P90X I decided to participate in the program...because I'm vain and want to look hot.

Day One -Shoulders & Back

It started with a nice standard warm-up and moved on to...
All of these have a 1 minute time limit.

Push-ups Goal Actual
(survival) (I forgot to count)

wide front Pull-ups (5) (30)

Military Push-ups (12) (17)

Reverse Chin-Ups (20) (20)

Wide Fly Push-up (20) (20)

Close Grip over hand Pull-up (10) (20)

Decline Push-up (10) (10) These are super hard and feel safer with a spotter :)

Heavy Pants (?) (15)

Diamond Push-up (?) (10) HARD

Lawnmowers Left & Right (20) (20)

Dive Bomber Push-up (?) (7) I couldn't breath wit this one!

Back Fly's (?) (17)

I thought we were finished but it turns out that you're supposed to do an ab workout three times a week. It's only 15 minutes long so I thought...sure why not?!
Every exersise is for 25 reps.

In & out It seemed first

Seated bicycle (this one was ok)

seated crunchy frog The name does not make this exersise more fun

Crossed leg/wide leg sit-up (these are OK)

fifer sissors each exersise got worse and worse

Hip rock and raise it didn't make me want to barf but...

Pulse up my abs gave out and refused to do more than hurt at
this point.

Roll ups HATE them.

obliques (I felt like a dying fish flopping around on the ground!

leg climbes (I could sort of struggle through this one by cheating a little)

masons this one was for 50 seconds for as fast as you could go...I waited until the clock said 30 seconds and only lasted 25 seconds. on the up-side I shamed jason into doing them :)

I felt good after the should and back disc and weak and gross after the abdisk, so I guess it's pretty clear where my weak points are. It suprised me because I thought my core was better off than my noodle arms.

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