Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Emerald City Comic Con

Last Friday I went in to get my kidney stone zapped, which I was a little nervous about due to the fact that the Dr. kept telling me how bad I was going to feel afterward. This was concerning due to the fact that I'm training for the SLC marathon on April 17th and have weekly "long" runs scheduled each Saturday. This past Saturday was no exception with a 16 mile run scheduled.

in an effort to keep myself from pushing to far to fast and because I wanted to see Wil Wheaton MORE than I wanted to run 16 miles, Jason and I bought tickets to a local Comic Con.

This was my first experience attending a Con, and although Jason told me it was nothing as awesome as Dragon Con, I had fun. We got there early to stand in line for a Panel put on my Wil Wheaton, followed by Leonard Nimoy (Jason actually thought his name was NemROY) and then some guy named Steve who Jason explained drew the Marvel comics. Wil Wheaton puts on a great panel by reading from his two most recent books and then doing a Q & A session.

After that we went to go get my books signed, which was when Jason decided that he knew how to read a map better than I did and proceeded to orient it wrong and go to the wrong end of the exhibition hall, while getting pissy when I pointed out that we were on the wrong end. While I might have brought this on myself through years of wandering around without finding my destination, I would like to take this opportunity to state that I can actually read a map and am good at it as well. When I wander around it's because I didn't bother reading the map or just plain didn't want to go to where I was supposed to be heading. Or I didn't want to drive and so tricked everyone else into taking their turn while I napped.

In the end we found his table and I go to meet Wil Wheaton act like a colossal nerd, while weirding Wil Wheaton out and getting his autograph.
He has a really pretty autograph by the way.
I even got a photo with him- which I later found out was out of focus!
Jason tacked Wil Wheaton down in his D&D campaign and during their break explained to Wil that he messed up my photograph and could we pretty please get another?

Wil Wheaton was really nice and the whole day was loads of fun- minus that horribly crowded exhibit hall.
We also got to attend Aron Douglas? panel. He's the guy who played the Chief on Battle star Galactica- something Jason kept having to remind me of, since I haven't watch more than one or two episodes of the show.

he and Wil Wheaton are friends and both actors are really funny, although I thought Wil Wheaton was funnier, while Jason though Arron Douglas was :)


Matthew said...

I revoke Jason's right to quote Star Trek until he has atoned for his sins by memorizing Star Trek trivia (correct ones that is).

Yes, reading the map was never your problem. Figuring out where you are.... eh

I can't decide if I hate running 16 miles more, or hate Wil Wheaton more. Is there a root canal option?

(To be fair, I haven't seen him in anything since TNG, and his character ended up a douchebag with transcendent powers. WTF?)

Jason Heilpern said...

What shall I do to be forgiven of my sins?