Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's offical I'm awsome!

Since I heard that Emily was getting married I started looking for a dress to wear. It's true I could have worn one of the ones hanging in the closet but I wanted a new one :)

So I looked and looked...and looked.

Do you know how hard it is to find a dress that will cover garments with out having to add even more layers through jackets, cami's for the summer that isn't ugly?

Two words...Very Hard.

I've been feeling very positive to the more vintage looks from the late 50's but I haven't been able to find a dress that wasn't way too expensive or already sold.

Soooo....I decided to make my own.

It's true I haven't sewn anything to wear in years...and that the only other time I've sewn a dress was when I was 14 years old for 4-H. If I recall I did the zipper wrong and Mom yelled at me.

It turns out through an over abundance of optimism and my trademark refusal to recognise my limitations I successfully completed my dress!



Bonnie said...

You are right, you are awesome! and I would add Intrepid! I love that about you. Of course, I don't remember yelling at you about a zipper. But I do remember trying to encourage you girls to sew by promising that I would always pick out any stitches that needed to be be redone. And I did. You look beautiful!

Terra said...

I remember that promise but I don't remember you picking out ALL the seems I had to redo...there were a lot of them- still are :)

I picked out the bodice twice, and the arm lining three times :) oh and the pleats once.
But the point is I retained the knowledge of how to read a pattern and even remembered to wash teh fabric before I started.
I also ironed all the seams out like I was supposed to :) I do need to redo the hem but time was limited so I'll have to do it another time.
I actually brag in RS abut how you taught us to sew and can and stuff. it's kind of nice believing that I have the base knowledge to get the job done!