Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tolmie State Park

Today I arranged to do some TFCD photography and Jason and I went to meet them at Tolmie State Park...The place was packed! We had to wait for about 5 minutes before they would let us in the parking lot to try and park. We went to the Beach access because that's where we had arranged to meet and saw...fields of children, as far as the eye can see. Oh, and the smell coming off the water-just lovely. The smell of brine and something else...that might have died. In fact I did find a rather large (5-6 inches across not counting the legs) dead crab.

It was kind of sad the way the kids played in the kind of scummy water (the tide was out) like it was the best thing ever. And the way whole families would bring out a picnic to make a day of it. Poor, Poor people. They live in a constant state of drizzle overcast weather that when a day comes by where the sun shines they think that a weirdly smelling beach full of nasty looking seaweed is loads of fun.

It smelled kind of like Salt Lake City. Phew!

We actually had a really fun time, what with the beautiful weather and the fact that there were sand dollars just lying on the beach begging to be gathered! I was kind of surprised to see them since the beach was a pebble beach and the sand dollars were unbroken.
So in the face of this bounty we did what anyone in our place would do. We called our brother in law Jim and bragged about what we found. Years ago he found a sand dollar while at Sunset and was soooo happy about it. He has since wanted to find more but with no luck. (There is a story that goes with this story but I can't tell it because there is an off chance he might read this post.)
So I filled my grubby little paws with sand dollars and we took a photo and sent it to them...for some reason they haven't responded yet. Hmmm.

Grace had a blast once the beach cleared enough for us to let her off her leash. She ran and ran and ran! She also drank salt water and barfed twice, luckily we weren't in the car at the time.

I also managed to catch a tiny baby crab and get a photo of me pretending to eat it- but it, along with the one of me holding the sand dollars on Jason's iphone so who knows when I'll get a copy of them to share.

It was a good day today - I even got a nap!

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