Monday, September 13, 2010


Ten whole years ago I started a project...

I took blue jeans and cut them up into large squares in order to make a jean quilt. I saw one and thought it was cool...turns out I didn't think it was cool enough to finish, since I packed it up and moved it around with me for 9 years.

Last year while I was in St.Louis, I took the squares and cut them into thin rectangles about the size of bricks...lots of them. I got them all sewed up into the topper of the quilt. I only needed the batting and a backer.

I'm cheap, so I didn't want to pay for the amount of batting that the quilt required, plus I like ro re-use. It makes projects just a bit cooler if I can use something that had seemingly met the end of it's useful life span. I wanted to get a quilt from but for some reason it doesn't seem to be active in Olympia.

I was "forced" to buy an ugly quilt from Goodwill. Mrs. Heilpern once gave me the tip that flat sheets make really good quilt backers due to the fact that most fabric comes 45 inches wide and most quilts are much wider.
So I bought a flat sheet as well...I wanted it free but apparently this project is meant to give me character.

I layed the topper out and layed the quilt out on top of it, then layed the sheet over that and realised that the sheet was wrinkly and that I really should have ironed it. I decided to ignore that and go a head and pin the edges which ended just like you'd think it would.

Today I took all apart and ironed the sheet.

After laying the whole shebang out again, I am faced with the choice of cutting 6 inches off the topper (which took me super long to sew!) or finding a section of batting that is 3' X 6". I'm really wanting to find the batting instead of cutting off the end...

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