Friday, December 10, 2010

upcycling has it's costs...

I take sweaters apart.

I buy them for a dollar at the thrift store, unravel them, wind them into a ball, unwind the ball onto a Niddy Noddy, calculate how many yards I have and then re-wind the yarn into a ball.

It drives Jason crazy.

I want to be sure everyone knows that I actually use the yarn for projects. One of which is frustrating me greatly.

I have a quantity of Cream 100% cotton yarn in Worsted weight that I have decided would make a beautifully unpractical baby blanket.

I picked this pattern, which I think is really classic and began.

Everything was going great, until I got 1/4 through and spread the blanket out to bask in my awesomness again...

This is what I saw:

Do you see the problem?

I had to take the whole thing apart and start over. I just about cried.

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