Sunday, January 02, 2011

I am an Ice princess!

That was rude...I didn't mean in THAT way!

I've been taking ice skating classes this past year and have really enjoyed the experience. I started because we lived within a reasonable distance from a rink and I wanted to learn some tricks.

Like jumping.

It turned out that I actually knew very little about ice skating and what I had taught myself, I was doing wrong. Go figure.

I started in the Alpha mixed age class, which ment I was learning along side kids 12 and under, who were showing me up on every skill. yay.

But I managed to pass Alpha and Beta in one class period (6 weeks).
Forward Stroking (6)
Forward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left (5)
Forward Crossovers – Left Foot over Right (5)
One-Foot Snowplow Stop
Backward Stroking (6)
Backward Crossovers – Right Foot over Left (5)
Backward Crossovers – Left Foot over Right (5)
T-Stop – Right Foot Outside Edge
T-Stop – Left Foot Outside Edge

I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for the next class (Gamma) and struggled through those awful mohawks. I had other skills to learn but for some reason the Mohawks were the hardest.
Right Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Left Forward Outside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Right Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
Left Forward Inside Open Mohawk Combination
Hockey Stop

Delta was very similar to Gamma but was easier for some reason. I blame the Mohawks.
Right Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Left Forward Inside 3-Turn (One Foot Turn)
Forward Edges – Forward Outside Edges and Forward Inside Edges
Shoot-the- Duck or Lunge (choice of one)
Bunny Hop

I have a great Lunge by the way :)

I have since passed Freestyle 1 class which consisted of the following skills
Forward Inside Pivot
Two-Foot Spin
Forward Arabesque
Backward Edges – Backward Outside Edges and Backward Inside Edges
One-Half Flip
Waltz Jump
(In case you think the One-Half Flip has anything to do with an actual doesn't)

I am now working on my skills for Freestyle 2 and I think I'm doing pretty well in everything but my spin. For some reason I'm having trouble with the technique of getting far enough forward on my blade to be nice and solid and far enough back on my blade to not eat ice by catching my toe pick. NO, so far I haven't fallen...yet.
Ballet Jump
One-Half Toe Walley
One-Half Lutz
One-Foot Spin
Two Forward Arabesques (On either foot – and on either outside or inside edge)
Dance Step Sequence

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Bonnie said...

Sorry I haven't checked you blog in a while. I loved seeing all your hard work on the ice. Glad you haven't "eaten the ice" yet! I like to imagine what it must feel like for you but it does make me jealous, now that I have to be careful about breaking hips and all.