Sunday, June 05, 2011

Blessing Dress

Full Length View

Middle Design View

Side design view

Now this dress will have to layers to the skirt. The top layer will have a smaller but similar design on it as well as the scalloped hem. The bottom skirt is finished and will look like the photo.

My question IS...Should I add tucks like you can see in the following photo?

What you're looking at are the horizontal pleat looking things. I'm wondering if I should add them to at least the top skirt if not the bottom skirt as well.



Amy N. said...

Personally I adore tucks, so I say yes! It looks gorgeous! You're amazing! That's the best dressed teddy bear I've ever seen!

Terra said...

It's my "newish born baby model" I have a bigger one for toddlers:)

Melissa said...

I say no pleats. Gives it a cleaner look.

Mary Ann said...

I like pintucks. Makes it look very Victorian and it's a great way to make something fancier without extra materials, and also a great way to make it shorter without messing up the lovely scalloped edge.

I wouldn't do it on the bottom layer unless it will be visible. It's still a lot of work.