Sunday, June 12, 2011

won't this be fun!

I was outside doing some yard work, because, well our yard looks awful.
We have a TON of dandelions which seem to be the only type of plant I'm capable of growing successfully.

It seemed a waste to just chuck a fully edible plant in the garbage (particularly since it's probably the only edible thing coming from my garden this year) so I got a basket for the plants I pulled up. I planned on having them all sorted, cleaned and hidden before Jason got home so he wouldn't know what I was up to but I failed. I was still sorting them when he and Kacey our neighbor got home.
He asked me what I was doing...I answered with this question "Do you think knowing the answer to that will make you happy or not happy?"
He insisted on me telling him, that I plan on feeding him weeds...I don't think it made him happy.

My plan is to find a good spinach recipe and replace the spinach with dandelion leaves. I thought it might be a good idea to make some with spinach as well, so we can accurately tell if the replacement was good or bad or if it was just a nasty recipe.
Our neighbor Kacey has stated that while is willing to eat the spinach option he has no interest in dandelion anything.

I think this makes him an excellent test subject.

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