Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward & Awesome THursday (As stolen from Amy)


1. Running through the airport with a back pack and a carry on only to have the close the doors right in front of you

2. Having to spend the night in the airport.

3. Pouring sweat from sprinting through the airport only to miss my fight anyway...I might be a bit bitter.

4. My in-laws key board. Seriously I keep making mistakes because the keys feel so different.

5. Messaging everyone telling them I had no idea when I was getting in to CLT. It was at midnight the day after left if anyone cares.
6.Not figuring out WHY this post won't publish.

1. Finally getting on the flight from Atlanta! I was SO over this trip!

2. The fact that I am JUST BARELY short enough to sleep on my tray on the airplane. I'd still rather trade a few torso inches for longer legs.

3. Getting to talk to my brother for as long as he could stay awake. We normally talk twice a week but during his summer vacation our schedules just haven't let us.

4. Buying a flat of raspberries from the farmers market.

5. Feeding Jason a Nastertion flower- and watching his face! I actually like them, they taste very similar to a radish...but like a flower.

6. Being fed garden fresh sweat peas from Amy's garden...her garden is so much better than mine. My Papa would cry himself to sleep if he were alive to see my pathetic patch.

7. Getting to play Quibbler at Amy's house! Sure I lost, but I really like that game. At least I wasn't last *cough* Jason *cough*

8. FINALLY updating my blog:)


Amy N. said...

Being fed sweet peas, or stealing them? Which do you prefer, since you've done both. ;)

Quiddler was super fun.

Matthew said...

Glad I ended up on the right side of that list =)

Hope you are settling in well.