Monday, August 22, 2011


The other day I googled how to sew French Seams. Which turned out to be super easy!
The only dificult part was that most patterns don't assume you're going to be using french seams and they don't write their instructions for that.

We'll I sewed a new baby blessing dress using the French Seams and it looks great! I still needed to add the sleaves but hadn't decided on what kind of sleaves I wanted on it. I thought I would put lace as cute little cap sleaves but the only fabric store in town (Joanne's) sucks. They had a grand total of 3 kinds of lace that was in an antique white color but really just looked beige.

When I came home from that shopping trip I put the dress on the to Fred's cage.

No, he didn't chew on it. Instead he decided to throw bits of blackberry that didn't meet with his approval.

Now it has little blackberry stains.

I'm mad at him and at myself for even leaving it anyway near him. I'm not sure I can get the spots out and that ruins the entire dress.

Sometimes I hate my pets.

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Amy N. said...

No! I hope it's not ruined!