Tuesday, March 29, 2005

He said, She said...

He said:
Last night Terra and I had an appointment to meet with a realtor to get some pre-approval paperwork done. I had already pushed the meeting back by 15 minutes because I was leaving work late after a very trying day. I was tired and covered in tiling mud so I jumped into her shower to freshen up before we had to meet with the approval guy.

She said:
Jason was late and had rescheduled our pre-approval meeting. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go anyway- I was stressed. He came over covered in dirt from head to toe and asks if he can shower off before heading over the Tate Realtor office. I give him a towel, point him in the right direction and continue talking to my roommate.
Then…. I get an idea!
While continuing my conversation with Katharine I get a big pitcher out of our cupboard (I think a few of you know where this is going) and fill it with cold water. Now, I thought of putting ice cubes in it to make it colder… but I didn’t.
Because I’m a nice person.
Then as I am standing outside the bathroom door deciding on my approach (I don’t want to get caught in the cross fire) I decide that I need to take of my jacket because it will give him something to grab if I don’t jump back fast enough. I put the pitcher on the ground, stand back up and take the jacket off, all the while talking to Katharine, who has an expression on her face that lets me know she doesn’t know what I am planning but that she thinks I am odd.
I get that look a lot.
I also took off my shoes, to maximize my stealthy approach.

He said:
As I get into the shower it occurs to me that maybe I should lock the door. I’m not sure why, but it did.
No, I decide I won’t because I’ll only be a minute and really, what would happen?
I’m trying to hurry, because I don’t want to be late for our appointment, making do with Honeysuckle body wash instead of actual soap. Minding my own business…

She said:
I quietly opened the door… and tried to sneak in but I must have made some noise when I started lowering the toilet seat because his head suddenly poked out from behind the shower curtain and he cried “No, you don’t! Don’t even think about it!” His voice may or may not have been a bit high- I don’t remember. After being caught in the act I had two choices.
#1: Retreat, and hope he didn’t do something horrible to me later.
#2: Attack now, and not get the perfect shot in but actually deserve having something horrible done to me later.
(I think some of you have guessed the ending already.)
I defiantly remember his voice hitting a high note after I dumped have a pitcher of cold water in his face, and then I hightailed it out of the bathroom.

He said:
I’m in the shower when I feel a cold draft wafting over the shower curtain, which could only mean one thing…
Terra! (She has a history of waiting just outside the door and jumping out at me in order to scare me.) I poked my head out the side of the shower curtain and told her (in a deep manly voice) to not even think about it!
There was about a ½ second hesitation on her part where I could see her devious little mind work furiously, weighing the repercussions of going through with her prank and then…
I get a face full of frigid water! What did she do? pull it from the freezer?!

She said:
It was completely worth it! His face on the moment right before impact was priceless! I would do it again in a heart beat! Actually it was more like 180 heart beats (since my aver age heart rate is at about 70 when resting and I was a little hyped up from the first attack I estimated my HR at 90 a minute) Yes I waited ( I still had half a pitcher or water people!)about two minutes so that he could be lulled into thinking I was done with my prank and then I snuck back in and…

He said:
I can not believe she did that! I treat her like princess and this is the thanks I get! Frigid water in my face after a long day of laying tile. There is no justice in this world.
Wait. What is that? DO I FEEL COLD AIR, AGAIN?!

She said:
He didn’t even suspect it! I got all the way to the shower curtain this time before he poked his pointy little head over the top (thanks for letting me know where you were standing Honey!) and told me again “Don’t even think about it!”. And…
Then I beat it out of there, so he couldn’t get me back right then and there.

He said:
That’s it! I got out of the shower and locked the door! I can not believe I didn’t head the warning and lock it in the first place! This is Terra we are dealing with! What was I thinking!

She said:
I waited until I heard him get out of the shower and waited a few minutes to give him a chance to get dressed and then tried the door handle. My plan was to be REALLY cute and give him a nice kiss to counter act my earlier prank and make his retribution be “awful” rather than “horrible”.
Actually finding the door locked made my prank even funnier. To me anyway.


Yoda said...
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Matthew said...

OK, first of all, the post is very funny. I really miss being around you Terra and all the fun times that involves. I particularly enjoy the 'devious little face' description. It reminds me of a conversation with a friend I recently had about 'mischevious' being my default facial expression.

Second, comedic value aside, this is not really an appropriate situation for engaged people to be in. I'm not a stickler for strict BYU standards, but when Jason is showering (or otherwise naked for any reason) you should not be in the same room. Frankly, jus typing out this post is causing all sorts of unpleasent thoughts to swirl around in my innocent little head. Furthermore, I have plenty of unpleasent thoughts swirling around my head just living in Beirut. I don't need any Jason-nakedness-related ones.

So please, do me a favor and find some ways to be funny while everyone is still dressed.

BTW, how did the mortgage meeting go?

Terra said...

The creator of “Chaos breeds Brilliance… or Laziness” would like to assure the readers that the previous post maintained the standards and modesty taught by “The Parents”. No gregarious skin was exposed and a chaperone was present through the event. Here at “Chaos Breeds Brilliance we maintain a “G” rating for our more sensitive readers.