Monday, March 28, 2005

what I do with my spare time

I just got an email from Dad inviting me to William Madison Perkins website. When I asked him about it he told me that Samantha is developing a genealogy website for Dad’s side of the family.
Good idea? Yes. Maybe even great except that I have spent countless hours digitizing my families photo’s, newsletters, audio files, Video’s and word documents in an effort to archive them and have my own ideas on how to accomplish this “much bigger than I had anticipated” project.
Do you know how large Nana’s family is!?
I do! It was a little sad when I started getting happy about the decrease in birthrates among her siblings. My hand was getting cramped from typing in names, linking them, inputting the vital states in the information field, half of which I did wrong and have to go fix later ( I put the marriage date in the wrong field so now it doesn’t show during searches). If Samantha wants to do it, that is great! But I would love it if we can manage to work on the same file.
I’m getting the feeling that we won’t be though. Dad wants a home page for his family to post photos on which would be great. I’m mostly concerned that the family tree that I have been working on won’t get the updates and I will have to do all that work over top of the work Samantha is doing.

Just for those who are interested I have audio files of Acey Albert, William Perkins, and Nana’s Lullaby’s, along with an almost complete collection of the sibling photos. I’m missing most of Katie’s, and Megan’s. This is because when we leave the house mom gives us our own album of pictures and I can’t “borrow” them for my scanning process. I also have all of Dad’s baby pictures as well as Mom’s on CD.

I was able to email Matt all his photo’s as well as mail them overseas with out worrying that they would get lost or damaged in the mail.


Bonnie said...

I'm sure Samantha would welcome all the help you can give her. This is meant to be her one of her Personal Progress value projects. (Divine Worth) I know you have done alot but between both of you I don't see why it won't be even better! I notice that Dad has named his site the William Madison Perkins site so technically this should be about the patriarchial Perkins line. Let the Alberts have their own site.

Dad said...

Good girl Terra! Yes, I think it would be nice to have an Albert site too but I do not know how I would find out where all my cousins are on that side of the family. That will be a project for later, much later. Dad