Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Date

Last Friday Jason decided that he wanted to take me out on a date, which was very nice of him. He asked me what I wanted to do but I didn’t have any ideas (I was kind of moody because he hadn’t told me before I left my house and so I wasn’t very cute that night. When you go on a date you want to at least feel cute, even if you don’t look it.)
Jason decided that going to Midtown Sundries to eat and play pool would be a great idea.
(I’m not very good at pool)
Well, I said I didn’t care, right?
And then it hit me. We always do stuff that I think is fun but that Jason would not have ordinarily thought –Yes! Lets go to a craft store and wander around for a couple of hours, and I can hold your bag, Terra!
Did you know I have a fake I.D?
Me neither!
The guy at the door looked at me… looked at my license… looked at me…looked at my license… and asked if I had any thing else with my name on it!
Oh, well. I just age well.
I played an unforgettable game of pool that night. It was my turn to break, so I carefully took aim, shot the cue ball- it ricocheted off the triangle, chipping one ball off and scratched.
Jason re-racked and handed back the cue ball.
I aimed, shot, and ricocheted off the triangle and scratched. Same pocket.
We’re laughing a bit as he re-racks and hands me the cue ball.
I carefully take aim. Shoot. This time I actually break the triangle but guess what?
We just went ahead and called it good.

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