Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Missionaries vs Members

Being home from his mission has been very wonderful for Jason (hey, he is dating ME) but also very frustrating for him because of the lack of motivation in the members.
From what I hear, this is a pretty common problem- something he complained about while he was on his mission and a reoccurring theme in others mission stories.
The missionaries have been giving challenges to the ward members to invite a friend to hear the discussions. They have been emphasizing that the friend doesn’t have to say “yes” but that, they ask someone in the next two weeks.
It’s been interesting to me how my view of missionary work has changed since he left on his mission. I had a brother who went, as well as a sister but it didn’t have that big of an effect on my attitude.
Well, except to get me to feed them more often and to be nicer to the annoying ones.
Now I get upset that members are so unsupportive to the missionaries- telling them they will not try and find references for them!
I am not joking. The Ward Mission leader REFUSED to ask ANYONE to take the discussions!
I am sure this isn’t the worse thing to happen to a missionary, but still. I was nice to the most ^&*^ of a missionary just because I hoped that people were nice to Matt while he was on his mission- well and also I had begun to believe that God was punishing me for really despising one of his missionaries by not transferring the little turd. I started being nicer to him (such as dealing with the fact we shared a planet) and he FINALLY got transferred.
It’s just such a weird double standard, which is often seen in the church.
”Go on a mission; just don’t bother us once you get there.”
Jason’s own mother didn’t want to commit to just asking someone to take the discussions – I don’t get it at all. I believe that if you want someone to do something you really have to be willing to do it yourself.
For the curious- my roommate is taking the discussions, and I have two other names to pass along.

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Matthew said...

I can understand the frustration. Missionary work is very frightening for a lot of people. Outright refusing to do it though... That's rather unusual.

Congrats on sharing in your own world. Examples are the best way to teach.