Saturday, March 19, 2005

She likes me, she really... really, likes me!

Jason and I went to his cousins house for dinner last night, which was nice. We dropped of his little sister Jennifer so she could sleep over and play with Janice's daughter Jordan- they are great friends but they live about 45 minutes from each other so they don't get to see each other very often.
Janice just had a baby girl named Jenny (or something similar, I'm a little hazy one that.)
Guess what!?
This little baby actually prefers me to everyone else! - Not counting Janice of course.
She just thought I was vastly entertaining (she's a couple of months old) and would grin and laugh when she looked at me.
They best part was when we were showing Brent Matt's blog and he offered to take jenny and she immediately started crying and the minute I took her back she calmed down and was back to smiling and giggling.


Matthew said...

Kids are so weird about such attachments. Look at Stella... Why in the world is she so fond of me? I have no idea.

Terra said...

Its' because your so great:) you snuggle with her and play with her :) and you aren't there all day every day so, each weekend you are shiny and new. :)