Friday, March 18, 2005


Irritation is mine!
I called the Columbia Temple to set the date for my wedding- spent forever on the phone giving vital information – then respelling the information for the lady on the phone because it is impossible for me to date marry a guy with a normal last name. Being asked the same questions twice because the lady lost her place on the form…
But that isn’t what annoys me. What annoys me is that Jason called me today- I’ve been lending him my phone since I don’t really use it and he has been setting up job stuff during the day.
“You got a weird call today, some guy called looking for Teresa Mauss”
Well there doesn’t happen to be a Teresa Mauss.
“The area code was from Utah (803)”.
That isn’t the area code for Utah – at first I thought it was for California but that is (805) but then I realized no it’s the area code from South Carolina. Krista Mauss has a sister named Tara but her last name would not be Mauss- but Krista is from SC.
Jason and I decided it was a wrong number and hung up.
The he called back- his boss suggested someone got MY name wrong and was actually looking for Terra Mauss… Jason called the number back and it turned out that it was a guy from the Columbia Temple calling for ME to let me know they couldn’t hold the temple session until they got a letter confirming my sealing cancellation from doofus.
This is the part that annoys me.
I gave them my name as Terra Perkins- it’s what they wrote on the form. I did tell them (because the asked) that my previous married name was Mauss. Given the fact that I was scheduling a temple sealing you could assume that I was divorced from the name Mauss.
I understand that since it was a sealing on my records, it still says Mauss, but I despise it when people just tack on Mauss. They did it at school because they couldn’t seem to grasp that the records for Terra Perkins and Terra Mauss were the same despite the fact that the SS# was the same along with all the other information and that I checked “divorced” on their nosy question of marital status. So after about 5 calls to get all my transfer credit applied, they decided without my consent, to tack “Mauss” onto all my records, including my ID. Of course for me to change it back, I run the risk of them losing my transfer records AGAIN and I have to fill out several forms and bring in all sorts of documentation to fix it.
I’m rambling…
The point is I REALLY hate it when people use the name MAUSS in conjunction with mine!


Josh said...

annoying temple workers ruining an otherwise lovely private affair!

reminds me of the line from zoolander when a woman throws an egg and hits mugatu's dog: "oooh. you hate to see that! ugly protesters bothering beautiful people!" bwahaha.

for what it's worth, my parents married civily, then waited a year to be sealed (they were brand new converts). by the time mom went through the temple, she was 8 months pregnant. didn't matter to the temple workers, they kept calling her "sister crissman" (her maiden name). i guess the Lord recognizes temple ordinances as trumping civil proceedings.

i wonder if there are varying degrees of illegitimacy? am i a bastard? you make the call.

Bonnie said...

I don't blame you for being so've moved on why haven't they? I wouldn't worry too much about reserving the temple date. It's not like its Salt Lake or something. They'll make accomodations. I know it would be very satisfying to take care of that detail but "the Lord's house is a house of order." Only one husband per bride. It'll work out.

Terra said...

Gone are the days when I could identify a city through the area code- of course those are the are days I will never take back.