Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Day Three: Friday (part 1)

I knew that we were doing a half day of skiing on Friday so I didn’t even try to plan anything on that day. I got Jason and Jennifer up for breakfast but didn’t even think of waking up the parents- but I did think to bring back a yogurt. Go figure.
We bumbled around until about 11am. Jason kept calling Markham and Batty (a friend from his mission). Markham was supposed to go skiing with us but he wasn’t there yet and Jason couldn’t get a hold of him. Jason, Dad H., Mom H. (I have no idea what to call Jason’s parents. Other friends of Jason’s call them Dad and Mom H., I know they would like me to call them Mom and Dad but it is just too weird to call them that before Jason and I get married so mostly I just walk up to them when I want to talk to them, or mumble when I need to address them.) and I went to rent Jason and my ski’s. I will be honest, I was only going because the Heilpern’s LOVE skiing, they make special trips just to ski. Jason has wanted me to try it for the entire time we have been dating. I expected to hate it, but it turns out I am a natural!
Melissa had warned me to not let Jason teach me because it’s a bad idea to have your significant other teach you anything, (as in a skill) and I agree. Jason was supposed to be kept busy with Markham but he didn’t turn up until 8pm and night skiing ended at 9pm so there was no point for him to rent. I had planned on keeping close to Jennifer, because she had promised to “hold back for Terra” but in the end it worked out wonderfully.
After skiing we went to Grandma Pats house for pizza and salad, while Jason and Markham went off for “guy time”. Grandma Pat loves me for unknown reasons, so I’m always expecting her to suddenly dislike me but it wasn’t the case on this trip at least. She did notice that her unofficial favorite grandson was not in attendance, but didn’t seem to get too upset. No doubt it was all a sham though.
When we got back to the hotel Markham and Jason were playing Battleship, with Markham clearly winning. Jason said that when they got back to the hotel to pick up Jason’s shoes (they were in the Heilperns car) they asked the front desk clerk if he knew Terra Perkins, which of course he didn’t but when Jason changed the last name to Mauss he did recognize me, and passed along the tidbit that I was engaged. Jason said that he knew, and that he was the fiancé in question. He also said that Ryan did a double take and gave him a look that said “YOU! I’m surprised it would be you!” Jason wasn’t sure how to take that. But we all agree that it was funny.
We once again got back to the hotel after midnight.


Matthew said...

I think you may be the only one of us who has ever skied. In my case, I will probably have to wait for resurrection-related ankle repair before trying. Besides, have you ever seen what dad used to do to people to "fix" their damaged knees? That sort of thing would constitute a war crime if performed by a member of the US military.

Terra said...

No I don't remember anything Dad used to fix knees. I do remember a sheet of paper that said "If it doesn't hurt, you're not working hard enough".