Tuesday, April 19, 2005

George Clinton!

George Clinton.
Ever heard of him? Neither had I until my roommate Katharine asked me to go to his concert with her last Saturday.
(Thanks David M)
Well the drive to Myrtle Beach went well- nothing exciting.
After we got to Katharine’s parents house we headed over to the mall- Katharine has interviewed with a company who owns the mall – so we used the excuse that she wanted to take a look at the facility she would work with.
Her boyfriend Ron made noise that he wanted to join us, which was fine with us but then it turned he apparently doesn’t like shopping, so we weren’t sure why he wanted to come.
Katharine was very proud of herself that she didn’t buy anything while we were there. We did look for a few things in particular but nothing “spoke” to us.
We wanted to find giant brimmed hats to wear to the Queens Cup (turns out I can’t go anyway because I am running a ½ marathon with dad that day.)
I was also looking for some earrings to wear with my wedding dress but we didn’t have any luck in either case.
After the mall we raced home to get cute for the concert- Ron was late because he figured we would never be ready on time (we were ready 10 minutes early). Then off to the House of Blues! I had the opportunity to go to the House of Blues at the Marathon in February but didn’t end up going, so this was my first experience.
It’s pretty cool!
I got plenty of time to appreciate everything because George Clinton was an hour late to go on stage and they didn’t book any opening bands.
I did get to hear my first sound check ever which occurred half an hour after the concert was supposed to start…
I think they weren’t there at curtain time- one because of the sound check and two apparently they usually make a bigger show than the one they did that night.
Katharine was mad, and tired. She is usually in bed by 9:30pm.
Funny tid bit.
Katharine and I go to the bar to get some water, but when I order, the bartender tries some suggestive sales/flirting with us.
TP: “Can I get two waters please?”
BT: “No. You can’t drink water if you’re over 21! It’s more fun to drink….”
That was the part that he trailed off at because Katharine and I were giving him blank stares.
We get hit on and the biggest reaction is blank stares. We are hot, aren’t we?
After that he just gave us our water and moved on to the next customer.
We went back to our places to wait for the concert to begin and Katharine fell asleep standing up. Ron and I enjoyed the concert but Katharine is still sore about it.
They didn’t even play her favorite songs!


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