Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm not sure what Mary Ann was talking about when she asked me why Jason was freaking out-so if she will let me know few more details I will be happy to oblige.

If she is referring to Isabella freaking out over Jason- well I don't know why. Maybe she was just shy. She has never had a problem with me before this past trip but she was definatly wary of me.
Ussually kids love Jason! it might be that he has the same name as one of Megan's and Josh's friends but looks nothing like their Jason.
I would wonder if that wasn't part of the problem with me- since Katie and I look so much alike but Katie wasn't in Boone until later and she still loved all over her when she showed up.
megan does make a point to show Isabella photo's of her aunts and uncles that she doesn't see regularly and tells them who they are.
Isabella can even pick me out of a crowded photo!

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Anonymous said...

The only person with harder behavior to predict than a teenager's is that of a toddler. You will never know the answer so take what you get a make a run for it! Dad