Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My ear

To add insult to injury, my ear hurts.
I'm sure everyone in my family remembers how I would play with my ear when I was tired, stressed or when they (my ears) were cold.
I still do.
Play with my ear, that is.
For those unfamiliar with this "Tick of Terra's" what I do is fold the outside of my earlobe inward.
Yes, you read that correctly.
I fold my ear.
I have since I was an infant- no mamby pamby thumb sucking for me!
As I have aged my technique has evolved into rolling the skin on the edge of my ear to make the cartilage "click". It's not as gross as it sounds and actually very therapeutic.
I even got one of my co-workers at the Marriott started.
Well, the thing is is that I do this when I'm stressed... and I have been stressed lately, so I have been playing with my ear A LOT and now my ear hurts and I have a callus on the edge of my ear.

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Anonymous said...

My but we are having a really bad day! There are some low cost flights leaving for Australia! Maybe a month or two down there would help lower the stress. Let's both go and not tell anyone. Dad