Thursday, April 14, 2005


Last night I was complaining to Jason (possibly whining) about my sore ear and he told me he had warned me and that I deserved it! (That's what he meant anyway).
he said he told me this would happen and that I "poo pooed" it!
(I might have - I can't seem to remember....)
I now have this lump hanging on the edge of my ear!
My mother always told me that if I kept messing with my ears they would hang lose - and I would look like Dumbo... I might have poo pooed that too.
Hmmmm, I'm going to go check the mirror.


Bonnie said...

Poor Terra, I can only imagine how hard it must to break this habit. I don't really believe that you have though. How have you adapted? It would be horrible to develop cauliflower ear just in time for your bridal portrait. Try keeping some vitamin E on it.

Matthew said...

On the bright side, you can always claim that you can't hear someone who is saying something you don't like. That's what dad always did, and he didn't even have an ear problem.

Anonymous said...

I did have an ear problem! A son and six daughters that were always coming at me wanting something silly! Not really, just six daughters coming at me wanting something silly or is it a son coming at me wanting something silly? Oh well, no I was just always on another planet and trying to do something not as important as what my son and daughters wanted me to do. Dad