Tuesday, April 05, 2005

My trip: Day one

I didn’t get packed for my trip to Utah until midnight the night before departure. Why? I have no idea. It usually takes me about 45 minutes to pack for any trip, regardless of where I am going or how long I will be gone. I usually make a little list and go from there. Instead I wandered around my apartment changing my clothes selection several times and generally not getting anything done. I did finally get to watch “Run Lola, Run”, so I guess the night wasn’t a complete waste.
I did manage to forget my temple recommend though.

Jason picked me up from work at 3pm so that we could get the second car and drive to the airport.
Yes, this time the cars were left in Satellite parking rather than hourly.
I was in a good mood for the entire flight, which amazed me since our flight was late departing from Charlotte and we had somewhat of a tight connection in Cincinnati. I used my extra time to call my old bishop to try and arrange for a temporary recommend so that I would be able to attend the temple the next morning at 6 AM! This is how that conversation went.

Bishops wife: Hello?
Terra: Hi, this is Terra Perkins is the bishop home?
BW: No, can I take a message?
T: yes, can he call the SLC temple and ask them to complete a temporary recommend?
BW: you want him to call you?
T: He can, but what has happened is I am getting on a plan to SLC and I forgot my recommend. We have a 6am session scheduled for tomorrow. What I need is for him to call the SLC temple and give them a temporary recommend for me.
BW: Are you in our ward?
T: No, I got transferred to the Reedy creek ward last Nov.
BW: Then you should call your bishop.
T: He hasn’t given me a temple recommend interview.
BW: Oh. Can you call back in about an hour?
T: No, I’m getting on a plan and won’t be finished until 9pm western time. That seems a little late to call. What time does he get up tomorrow?
BW: 5am. Are you sure you can’t call in about an hour?
T: I can have SOMEONE call but I won’t be able to call.
BW: No, he will need to talk to you. Can you call in an hour?
T: No. I will call tomorrow morning. Early. Thank you.
BW: what you need to do is call early tomorrow. Or call in an hour.
T: Ok, thank you.
BW: but you really need to talk to your bishop.
T: OK, thank you.
BW: are you sure you can’t call back?
T: Yes, thank you.
And on, it went……..
In the end it turned out that we didn’t go to the temple because of class schedule conflicts.

I also highly recommend renting portable DVD players at the airport. Jason and I did and it made the trip much more fun- we rented the Blue Collar Comedy tour. I fell asleep for the last part, which helped with the time change later that night.
We were picked up at the airport by the male Heilpern’s (late), driven to the hotel and then all the siblings went out to Denny’s for a late night snack.

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Matthew said...

I hate it when I am talking to someone and it is obvious that they are just not listening. They just keep repeating themselves over and over again. I am all the more amazed that you were in a good mood for the flight after talking to this lady.

Then again, maybe she could do a really good job as lead diplomat on the team negotiating with North Korea on their nuclear weapons... She wouldn't listen to anything they said, and would keep repeating herself until everyone else in the room went crazy.