Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Day Two: Thursday

I rolled out of bed at about 7:30am to call Melissa since we had originally made plans based on my being downtown due to the temple trip. She arranged to pick me up at he hotel at about 9am and I went back to sleep. I rolled out of bed again at about 8:20am to go to breakfast with Sis. Heilpern and Jennifer- the residence inn had a wonderful breakfast spread of all sorts of yummy food. I tried to wake Jason up, telling him if he wanted to see me today he would have to get up. He mumbled something and rolled over.
Melissa was late (because she was straitening up her new condo so she could give me a tour later). While she was trying to find my room she ran into one of our old co-workers from the downtown Marriott who now works at the residence inn. She mentioned that I was engaged (this comes into play later on in the trip.)
I gave the Heilpern’s Melissa’s cell phone number and headed out for a day of girl time.
We went to her new condo and looked around (very nice). Then we headed over to a bridal shop so we could look at wedding gowns since she wasn’t’ going to be able to do any of the fun things associated with being a bridesmaid. Melissa’s mother does seamstress work, mainly with bridal shops and beauty pageants, although she has worked with Touched by an Angel as well, so Melissa knows what can be adjusted and what can’t. I had a great time trying on pretty, pretty dresses! (If you want details you must ask me in person since Jason reads this site) Our goal was to find something that would make Jason’s jaw drop the day of the wedding.
We then headed over to our hair and nails appointment. Melissa got highlights which look really good, and I got my hair styled for the second time in my entire life. I was just playing around with hair styles to get an idea of what would look good for the wedding. The Hair stylist really wanted to do an “up-do” so that I could put a tiara on- me, not so much. I wanted to try a softer look that was lower on my head. What I got was a mixture of the two that I will not be wearing at the wedding but that looked very nice. We also put a sprits of glitter in it that might just make a showing on the wedding day. In fact when I got back to the hotel and Jason saw my hair his mouth kind of fell open and he managed to croak that he liked it.
After our hair we moved over to get a pedicure- something I have taken a liking to ever since Mom got us the one after the marathon. I have red toes again. I almost got a manicure since I’m still not thrilled to have people touching my feet but decided against it since I plan on going climbing this week and it will tear them up. Plus it’s actually warm enough now to wear open toed shoes and show off cute toes again!
Speaking of open toed shoes… it was 30 degrees when we flew in to SLC (through a snow storm) and there were girls all over the place wearing flip flops! I couldn’t believe it.
After the beauty appt. we went over to Hancock Fabrics to look at fabric and patterns for the bridesmaid dresses, which I think I found a nice one that will look good on all the bridesmaids.
After we got back to the hotel I called Lissa and arranged to go to dinner with her and her man Mark. This was the first time Lissa got to meet Jason and I am the first to meet Mark. It was a nice dinner; I think Jason gets a kick of seeing me with the “Morganton girls”. He also likes Lissa because she sent him a care package while he was on his mission. And she’s nice.
After dinner we crossed the street and went to the dessert/dinner with Jim’s (Jessica’s husband) family. I was nervous about this appointment because it was extended right after the blow up over whether or not Jim would be a groomsman- and I have a suspicious nature. But it was fun everyone just hung out and talked. Everyone loved my hair. I have pictures that I will post later.
We didn’t get home until almost midnight.

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Matthew said...

I'm really glad things are going well with the hair, dress, toenails, and family relations.

Might you perhaps devote some time to explaining more of the details around you waking Jason up that morning? I presume you either had a key to his room, or were in his room. Inquiring minds want to know...