Monday, April 11, 2005

They lure you in... and then BAM!

I think it was the big doe eyes that lured me in… or maybe it was the helpless little whimper that lets people know something is needed and if only they could provide it life would be so much better.

That little rat seems to have gotten me SICK! I’m saying this because I seem to be feeling progressively worse as the day goes on. At first I thought it was only allergies, but now I’m not so sure.
Isabella had a cold over this past weekend, nothing big, but apparently she has inherited her Aunt Terra’s “extra strong germs” (ask Jason about them if you don’t believe me.)
Anyway Isabella was running a slight temperature Friday and Sat. dripping snot (but in a cute way) all over the place- but for some reason I didn’t think she would give it to me! Maybe it was the way that she ran crying from me whenever I got to near (defined as “in the house”). After bribing her with new clothes and two fun new books she would then let me wipe her snotty nose with out crying.
Lucky me.
But for some reason – I did feel kind of lucky. Life is so twisted.
At least she didn’t like Jason any better, I’m getting a little tired of all animals and small children flocking to him while running in fear from me.
And of course she LOVES Aunt Katie- you would think I could sneak in on some of that love by resembling Katie so much but nooo….
In fact Isabella choose Katie over Megan AND Grandpa- which is unheard of- to help her up the steps.


Bonnie said...

Boy, do I sympathize. I was so thrilled to get to rock the little one to sleep and comfort her while she was feeling bad. Then Sunday it hit..I made it to church just thinking I was being lazy and needed to repent, but by 2:00 I was down for the afternoon. Had to take today off work. Samantha doesn't feel so well either. When I suggested to Megan that I had caught it from her darling, she insisted Isabella only has Allergies! The fever was just her reaction to her Allergies. I missed a day of contemplative mediation complete with yoga and labryinth walking to moan on the couch. (I had planned to take the day off for this) Oh well, it was worth it, I think.

Matthew said...


How do you inheirit extra strong germs? Don't you mean extra strong immunity?


The only labrynth walking I know of is the stuff monks would do to symbolize the trip to the holy land if they couldn't make it in person. I presume that probably isn't the kind of labrynth you're referencing, unless you have turned catholic. And male. And monastic. =)

Josh said...

to be honest, i haven't read this post and have only skimmed the comments, but i feel an obligation to defend my precious. first of all, as far as i have seen, she hasn't had a fever. secondly, her symptoms are watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, congestion, drainage, and a hoarseness. sure, it could be viral (ie, the common cold), but there would a good chance that megan or i would have caught it. all weekend, i have eaten after her, kissed her on the mouth, and been on the receiving end of her point blank coughs. no problems here. i have, however, suffered from allergies ever since the weather turned dramatically warmer last week and the pollen started flowing freely. it is common for people in boone (i never had allergies before moving here) to have severe allergic reactions at exactly this time of year. before you avoid isabella, you might try avoiding boone.