Monday, April 11, 2005

Day Five: Sunday (Part 1)

I had arranged to meet Lissa at her house “any time after 8am”, so I decided to get there at 8:30 am to give her a little leeway. Before going to sleep that night I told Jason to make sure he got up on time and that I wanted to get there at 8:30am. He told me that wouldn’t be a problem.
8am. I am awake. Jason is not. 8:10 am I am now dressed, Jason is still asleep.
I go and wake him up.
He asks for 5 more minutes. I sit there with a scowl on my face trying to decide whether or not if I give him 5 more minutes will this make him move faster when he does get up? Or should I make a fuss and get him up right now and run the risk of him moving super slow?
He notices the scowl and tells me I look really annoyed with him right then. (He says this with kind of a laugh. He obviously does not realize his peril)
I explain my decision making process- he tells me it’s only 7am, we have plenty of time.
I explain (nicely) that it is really 8:15am because the time changed last night.
He realizes his peril and gets up.

It was really nice to get to see Lissa again, our group of friends can go years with out seeing each other or really even talking but when we do get together it’s like no time has passed. I made crepes (pronounced Crapes by Lissa and Jason) and she made French toast and eggs, and cookies for Jason and I, because that is what Lissa does. We watched most of the first session with her and Mark.
Oh, I also found a recipe for hair mousse!
Nope I’m not kidding – you take the white of the egg and whip it and use that as mousse, just add a dollop of scented lotion to mask the egg sent. It actually worked really well on her roommate’s hair.
Jason gets a huge kick out of seeing me with my old friends. He says I am more confident when I am around them (well, he actually mentioned it the last time Sarah was here, but I think he meant in general).
I think Lissa and I might have scared Mark just a bit, since he isn’t used to “the Morganton Girls”. Carson (Keri’s man) had a similar reaction when he met us at the wedding. I don’t mean scared in a bad way, just that it is a brand new side of their significant others that takes them by surprise. Carson handled it pretty well, actually. We took pictures of the house to show Sis. H. and left to go back to the hotel to meet the rest of the family and head downtown for the second session of conference.

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