Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bringing it on!

Last week Dad and I went out running on the greenway down at Aunt Barbaras’ house. We were jogging alone at a nice sustainable pace but since I had once again forgotten to stretch out my calf I could feel it tightening up on me and so decided to stop at the bridge.
I can see the bridge coming up… I notice Dad has sped up a bit, so I do as well. I notice he has sped up again. I remember thinking “Is it worth all the energy I would have to put out to get ahead of him/keep up?” Then I started to sprint!
Here we are after almost four miles with only about 50 yards to go sprinting against each other!
Right after my burst of speed that horrible old man threw on the heat!
“oh, sh*&!” (yeah, that was from me).
And we both take off!
I would like point out that while I didn’t beat him- he didn’t beat me either. And that’s close enough to a “win” for me.
(Besides, I save my true speed for race days – when it matters. Bring it on old man!)


Matthew said...

Remember when he was so fond of saying things like "I'll take you on, one on one!"? He was such a charmer back then. Good thing we provided a proper environment for him to develop his lengendary stock of patience.

Abby said...

Other lovely Dad sayings:

*Ruffy Tuffy Doodlebug

*No Pain No Gain

*Come Quick There Are Quarters In The Toilet!

*It Don't Get No Better Than This.

Where does the man get such genious?

Papa lives on ..... :)