Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have decided that I want to do more professionally with my photography.
Shellie and I thoguth about it, and decided that I will put out a flyer with the homeschool group and offer school photo packages.
Right now I am trying to find a leather protfolio to house my photos without luck. Who would have thought they were so hard to find?
(Of course I haven't just gone to an art supply store- they over price stuff like that.)
I have actually gotten a few photo's that I am rather proud of and will also begin working on a wedding protfolio.
Maybe it's just the fact that I have been looking at everyone elses work.


Jonas said...

Oh that is great, It reminds me of the last summer my dad came out and we had taken the boys to the park. We got into a sprint that turned in to an all out race and he beat me. On my defense i had played 3 hours of basketball the night before and was quite sour and cold.

Jonas said...

Um...Sore :)

Josh said... will create professional portfolios and mount your pictures... it's pretty cheap, too.. a couple bucks per page

bohica said...

Who is the hottie in the profile pic? LOL I got into a race with my dad the other day, from the driveway to the front door. He only beat me by 2 minutes. Dang I gotta exercise

Jonas said...

Terra, This is great. I know a photographer who does portraits and makes a load of money. I also know a photographer who does artistic scenic photography, he is broke.

Bonnie said...

Great idea, you have a good temprament for that sort of work. I hope you will pursue this. I'll certainly call you for my next wedding!