Thursday, May 19, 2005

Death by Oatmeal

Oatmeal is like grape nuts. No matter how little you serve yourself the bowl never seems to empty.
I constantly forget to eat breakfast as well as the fact that I have a lousy diet – which means that I have to put up with my Dad nagging me to take vitamins and threatening to not “let” me run in races.
He seems to forget that I can do what ever I want. There might be consequences, I might not like those consequences but I can do whatever I want.

I was a lovely teenager.

Anyway, apparently Dad enlisted Jason’s help in the nagging department so I acquiesced his request and bought some oatmeal, with the intention to add stuff to it to make it gagable. I forgot my fruit this morning but decided to be adult and eat the sludge anyway- since trying to make a meal of fish crackers doesn’t really work.

I think I have discovered why I dislike it so much- the texture. It’s sticky and gooie so that you can’t just swallow it but it’s not thick enough to chew and if you try it just makes it coat your entire mouth with it’s snot like substance.
I keep thinking if I just take BIG bites it will be empty in no time.
It’s not empty yet.


Matthew said...

Matthew's recipe for suriving oatmeal:

Take raw, rolled, instant oatmeal. Add warm milk and 1 spoon of hot chocolate mix. Stir in and eat like cereal (uncooked).

Warm milk makes an interesting variation.

If you do it this way, it is kind of like granola. If you must eat it cooked, the best option is to add a lot of vanilla ice cream. It helps with the texture.

Jason Heilpern said...

Actually your dad and I have never talked about this subject before but now that you bring it up maybe we should and then we can coordinate our attack plans.