Friday, May 20, 2005

yeah Me!

I bet you won’t believe what just happened. I just got a call from a supervisor, who asked me how to spell “interim”. That was the whole reason for the phone call.
I was just used as a spell check.
It’s mind boggling.


I just wanted to update people who care that I have now officially started “doing something” with my photography. My friend Shellie has been wonderful in helping me get myself organized as well as providing me with contacts, in this endeavor.
Yesterday she sent out an email advertising school photos for the Home schoolers in the area and I have already started getting email from them asking for more information!
I even put together a website showing my work. It isn’t what I wish I had the skill to create but it will do –for now.
We have also brainstormed other opportunities for me and have come up with several.
Shellie has asked me to photograph a badge ceremony for her brownie troop on the 14th and will let the parents know that the prints are available.
This opens up the opportunity for the boy scout troops in the area, as well as some of the youth sport leagues. My boss coaches one, so I will ask him about the likelihood of that option.
I also had the epiphany that there are a ton of summer swim leagues in the area, who might be interested in some sport shots.
My friend Donna has also said it would alright for me to tag along on a wedding her mother volunteered her photography skills for so I can have more selection in my portfolio. I think I will also post at the horrible Singles Branch to get some advertising.
Be prepared to be hit up to pose for me in the near future.


Jonas said...

You mentioned a website but no URL? If you have any questions about web design you can ask me.

Matthew said...

Good luck with the pictures!

Anonymous said...

you can do it!!