Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Don't you have any friends?

The other day my roommate and I were sitting on the couch talking and watching her dog run back and forth between us looking for treats when there was a knock at the door.
Time Warner Cable cares whether or not I get enough time in front of the television. I feel loved now.
This is how the conversation went.
Time Warner Lady: I’ve been going around doing an audit and I show you don’t have cable at this time.
Me: That’s right.
TWCL: I would like to tell you about the cable service we offer…
Me and Katharine: We don’t watch TV.
TWCL: (ruffling through her folder)
Katharine: Does she understand we don’t OWN a TV?
TWCL: (stops looking) what?
Me: We don’t own a TV.
TWCL: What do you do then?
Me: We talk to each other.
TWCL: (looking like she can’t believe what she is hearing) Well… We also offer home line service…
Me: We got ride of our home line and just use cell phones.
TWCL: Well maybe I can help you save some money on those cell phones…
Ok so I was little confused on how she would do that until I realized she was assuming that we went over our minutes.
Me: We don’t go over our minutes

Katharine and I are both laughing pretty hard right now because it’s obvious that this lady thinks we have no life and can’t believe what she is hearing.

TWCL: How! Don’t you have any friends?! Do you just go home every weekend?
Me: pretty much- and yes we have friends- now if you are selling gas coupons then you could help us out.

The lady gave us some brochures and left shaking her head.


Jonas said...

I wish could break myself of watching TV. I am a news junky and a reality TV junky.

Matthew said...

A pox on television, I say.

Maybe you could ask her how sitting in front of Time Warner Cable's quality programming would be conducive to acquiring or maintaining friendships...

Anyway, do those cell phone minutes cover calls to Lebanon? =)

Buttercup and JOHN-43 said...

nice post made me laugh, by the way, do you want to buy one lol :))), a tv laughing here.great blog

Terra said...

Nope sorry matt it doesn't cover lebanon but I always have those calling cards and since I FINALLY got your phone number I can call you more often.

bohica said...

no TV? I do not understand. What does that mean that you just have Black & White, or that is maybe just a 13 in TV or something? Surely you do not expect me to believe that you have NO TV at all. Shocking just shocking, what do you think this is the 80's?

Demanda said...

big up's to no TV Terra. Its a waste of time and energy, although I have not been able to kick the habit complealty myself. I love home shows!