Wednesday, June 15, 2005


His name is "Rabbit" I got him for Christmas when I was 5ish? Maybe even 4 years old. He was fat,his fur was soft and his eyes shiny. He is a "Floppy Friend" and is no longer in production.
I used to dress him up in matching turtle necks and sweaters. At one point I kept him in a one piece swim suit with goggles on. (That was three years ago). It just never seemed right to leave him naked-he seemed embarrassed- plus as a child I had this (fear?) that my dolls and stuffed animals came alive after I left the room and I didn't want them to have to be naked among their friends.
Megan and I both had floppy friends but she gave her bear to Aunt Brenda while she was on her (Brenda) mission and the family who said they would ship it back never did. Megan received a new floppy friend which was a dog. (Excuse me while I sit amused that her daughter has a bear named "dog" and she had a bear who turned into a dog).
We gave them hair cuts because....? It was fun and Megan had already got into trouble for cutting her own hair? I have no idea why we thought they needed hair cuts.
I took Rabbit to Girl Scout Camp with me, and we stuffed him full of candy so the counselors couldn't find it.

Yes, I turned my childhood toy into a Candy Mule- I'm not proud of it but it happened.
I took him to Utah with me when I moved, and when I married. Marcus hated him because I kept him in the bed as an extra pillow and when I situated for the night he got hit in face with Rabbits ears. We can see who won out in the end, can't we? Boys can be replaced, rabbits are forever!
(Jason is a "man" and therefore not included in the statement above.)
Rabbit is old and ratty now, but I love him.


Matthew said...

Why couldn't you put the eye back on?

Mary Ann said...

Why is rabbit a him?

Sad that a toy proved to have greater staying power than a husband, though not without very good reason. . .

Mrs. K said...

I volunteer to give him an eye, if you've lost it, I'll sew it on and everything!


Sarah said...

I think he is a handsome rabbit and that’s why he is a boy. He has always been good to me.

Jonas said...

With your logic this rabit is in his birthday suit.

Jason Heilpern said...

well, the eye attaches through the fabric, and part of the plastic post broke. I have no idea why rabbit is a him except he always has been. even though I put him in pink turtle necks and girls bathing suites. and yes, I took a nude picture of him to post on the internet.

Jason Heilpern said...

um that last one was posted by Terra- I wasn't paying attention who was signed in at the time.

Mrs. K said...

Mary Jo's sells Doll eyes like these, we'll have to go in through a seam to get to his face(delicate surgury), and repair the seam after. Remember all those bears you helped me sew? This will be no problem.