Thursday, June 16, 2005

To Run or Not to Run...

Not having a car sucks. On one hand it means I’m not shopping and buying things I don’t really need, but on the other it means I am having trouble getting to where I need (and just want) to go.
Take for instance this Friday, it’s game night at Shellie’s. We are trying to get the game started before 9pm and so dinner is starting promptly at 6:30pm. Jason works until 8ish. So I am now figuring how to get up there on time. It is looking more and more like I will have to use that time as my “work out” and jog up there. And when I say “up there” I mean it. Last year I decided to change my route up a bit and run longer runs to friend’s houses which would serve double purposes.
1. I would get longer training runs in.
2. I would have a safety feature worked into my work out in that someone would be expecting me at the end of it (I run alone).
I realized after I started and was over half way there that Shellie lives at a higher elevation than I do.
Fun, fun.
Add in that it is pushing 90 degrees these days (although the humidity has calmed down a bit) and it makes for a sweaty run.
I could probably plant a change of clothes in Jason’s car so that I have something to change into when he gets there…which still means I am trotting around in my running gear for over an hour.
Oh, well – when things change you must adapt.
At least it means I will get my run in AND be on time.


Mrs. K said...

or maybe you could ask me for a ride?

Jonas said...

Way to go, if I had to travel to the neighbors house 3 houses down I would drive. Athough when I was around 22ish living in ABQ, NM I didn't have a car for a year and commuted on my Mt. Bike. IF you have ever been in ABQ it is on about a 5% grade all the way accross. I still have the bike.

Matthew said...

I think the running is a great idea. Good for your health and your pocket book.

Anonymous said...

and the environment