Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A Cow. A What? A Cow.

Jason and I were driving along Kerns Rd. and spotted a cow that was wondering loose on the side of the road-
(We once had a young bull wonder in to our yard in Morganton)
So I called Animal Control- the conversation when like this.
Operator: "Animal Control"
Me: "Hi, I would like to report a cow loose on Kerns Rd."
O: "A what?"
Me: "A cow."
O: "A what?"
Me: "A cow"
O: "A cow?"
Me: " Yes, a cow. A Bovine"
O: "A what?"
Me: "A cow"
O: "Where?"
Me: "Kerns Rd. in Huntersville"
O: "Let me check to see if we cover Huntersville- please hold."
on hold.......................................
O: "We don't cover Huntersville you will need to contact them."
Me: " Do you have their number?"
O: "Yes, here is ..."
After calling the number she gave me I was connected to not the animal control but to the none emergency line for the Huntersville Police department, who connected me to the Dispatch who told me there was an officer on their way.


Matthew said...

This is perfect appropriate, because bovines are not in fact animals. They are strange and mysterious creatures that animal control is apparently unfamiliar with.

Jonas said...

You would think that even if they didn't cover the area they could take a report and make sure it was taken care of. Or at least act like they were going to. Did you say that was a cat?

Demanda said...

oh the sense of urgancy people have isnt it great! Keep in mind that if a car was to hit the cow it may kill everyone inside, I love the thought process, oh thats not in my area so take a hike. Im with dave just make sure its taken care of. Wow! I sat in a toco bell/kfc dive through this evening in concord for 20 min while the car in front of me had to repeate there order 5 times....a 20 piece origanl chicken with 1 cole slaw, 3 macoronie, and a coke.

Josh said...

on the other side of the coin, where do you draw the line? how far from charlotte should you be before the dispatcher for animal control doesn't have to pretend to care? cornelius? davidson? mooresville? raleigh? i know it sounds absurd, but maybe they have enough strange and mysterious animals within their own jurisdiction to worry about (in other words they probably have a departmental mandate and budget that requires them to work only within a specific area). i guess the bright side is that this operator provided you the correct phone number. she could have hung up out of real apathy.

actually, maybe the bright side is that you called in the first place. if this were my blog, i would telling the hilarious story about how i saw a cow loose on the road. and that would be it. oh well, cow never did anything to me. wouldn't want to get a reputation as a snitch... not that you have that!

Jason Heilpern said...

Josh you really are just one of a kind!