Tuesday, July 26, 2005


The other day I was busily typing away at work when I over heard the following conversation taking place down the hall.
Female co-worker: “Did you just say Southern women are nosy?!”
Male co-worker: “Which time?”
Me: “Southern women have excellent hearing”
Male co-worker: “You heard that?”
Female co-worker #2 (who works at the other end of the building): “I heard it too.”
Male co-worker: “Which time?”
Female co-worker #2: “Both times.”
Male co-worker: "oh".


Jonas said...

Yikes! This man was caught in a quagmire.

Matthew said...

I would dare say that this exchange proves that he was right. I would be quite interested to hear how these ladies would dig themselves out if this was pointed out to them.

Josh said...

a perkins child who admits to being southern? stop the presses!

Terra said...

If you re-read the post I don't admit to being southern I merely point out that Southern Women have excelent hearing- which was supported by the southern woman down the hall over hearing the entire conversation.

Josh said...

sorry. your sentence structure confused me a little.