Monday, August 22, 2005

Day One

The beach….
Well, Jason and I were supposed to leave Saturday night after I returned from Morganton from visiting Sarah and Keri.
I didn’t get back to Charlotte until 12:30am, so we didn’t leave until the next morning.
I had asked Jason what time he wanted to leave by and following his family training he gave me a non specific answer and said he wanted to be well on his way by 12 noon.
I ended up loading the car myself (it wasn’t hard, we were only taking our stuff and a few items his parents couldn’t fit in their cars) By 9:30am Jason wasn’t awake yet, so I decided to do what I do best (years of honing, you understand) and I proceeded to be my most annoying making sleep impossible.
Unfortunately Jason really likes to sleep and was fairly successful in ignoring my initial pokes and prods, so I decided to kick it up a notch and jump on him.
Nothing (other than a grunt).
This caused my brain to stop processing cause and effect and come up with the brilliant idea to bite him on the nose.
Yes, I bit him on the nose and he still loves me (or so he claims). He did decided to get up and told me to leave him alone.
I did.
Then as we got ready to spend the rest of our lives driving in the car, I decided to be cute and tell Jason to catch me while hopping off the third step. I would like to input I have successfully completed this act of cuteness in the past – this would not be one of those times.
I jumped and Jason caught me but as I swung my leg up… yes, I maimed my future husband…again.
He still claims he loves me. It did motivate him to put me in the car and get on the road (at 12:30pm) though so every cloud has a silver lining.
We then spent the next five million hours in the car driving past countless tobacco and corn fields- which I thoughtfully filmed for Matthew to enjoy as well.
We got to the beach with time to enjoy some boogie boarding and sun so the day wasn’t a complete loss.
We couldn’t figure out what to do with Fred over the week since Shellie has two children (three when you count her new foreign exchange student) two dogs and a cat plus she is scared of birds-
Rob and Angie?
We stopped by their apt to get my video camera and see the newest larva, who looks just like his brother and learned that they were watching Sonia (their bird eating husky that they gave away to Marshall and Lori) because Lori and Marshall were out of town. (Oh, they sold the second set of birds in case you were curious). We had Fred with us and she was very interested in him.
We decided to take him with us to the beach where he was horrible and tried to bite anyone who came near Jason. I also discovered that Fred enjoys watching Matthews home videos as well as Animal Planet.

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Matthew said...

Hmmm, the videos rank well with the cranky parrot demographic, eh? I shall inform the marketing department. I wonder if he sees some similarities between them and animal planet.