Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So much news in so little time....
I'm in a bit of a bad mood so here is a nice bulletted list of what's happened.
1. After arriving back at my apt. after my nice beach vacation I discovered that my power had been out for the entire week. The nice lady at Duke Power had no idea why since their all knowing computer said the power was on. She sent one of their magic workers over and he used his mysterious powers to turn it on. Let me just say that I am REALLY glad that I purposely didn't go grocery shopping knowing that I was going to be gone for a week but that the amount of mold and grossness that can propagate in a week is astounding. The fridge even grossed out the bird.

2. I got my letter back from SLC and I am no longer sealed to Marcus. It was a little anticlimactic reading the three paragraphs that required so much work and aggravation.

3. Jason said he had spoken to the temple about our 10 am sealing apt and that it was all set but I don't' believe he actually did speak to them because... He called them today to announce that we had their precious letter and it turns out that even though they are closed for extensive cleaning the entire first week of October (which some of you might remember was when I first planned on being married) they need to close for cleaning on the 21st as well. They can fit us in at 2pm and no sooner. This turns my nice day into a nasty stressful squashed day and I am extremely unhappy about it and about one rational thought away from calling up the temple and "explaining" how unhappy I feel.

4. One of my Bridesmaids is unable to attend the wedding. Melissa called me last night with the news that she had a lovely trip to the emergency room due to a nasty reaction to a routine procedure and since she has already attended one out of state wedding this year and the fact that the trip out for mine was expensive and she doesn't' know how much she is going to owe on her little adventure- she can't afford it. Which I understand and actually am not upset at her about although she feels like crap about it. It did fix a problem that I realized after speaking with my brother about the pre-wedding schedule, both Matt and Melissa would want a large portion of my time and attention- he, because he is my brother and had flown 15 hours so see me spending a nice sum doing so, and she, because of the same reasons (other than being my brother). So I think I will just plan a visit to Utah at a later date and make sure the event is well recorded for her. It's a crummy substitute but the best we can do in this situation.

5, oh, and my video camera broke at the beach.


Melissa said...

I want it on the record that my attendance in the other out of state wedding had no impact on my inability to attend Terra's. It purely rests on the total cost of the ER visit. I'm afraid that it will eat up too much, if not all, of the money I have set aside for Terra's wedding.

I can not express how disappointed I am that I will not be able to attend. I have been looking forward to this event for months. However, it does make me that much happier that I was able to make it out for the engagement party!

Attending the other wedding made me more excited for Terra's. I had so much fun and was looking forward to the fun we would have. And this time I would know the groom!

It really does suck to spend all that time and money to attend the wedding of a good friend and not get to spend much time with them. Especially when they really are the only person you know! I already did it once and I was ready, and willing, to do it again!

I’m glad that everything worked out. I spent the last few days worried that Terra would be very unhappy with me. I wasn’t looking forward to adding another difficulty to this wedding. ;)

I’m glad to hear that my outing to have Marcus sign that letter was not in vain. I’m also very happy to hear that you have the unsealing letter in your hot little hand and that it happened so quickly after getting the letter signed!

I eagerly look forward to Terra's visit to SLC. I just hope it is sooner rather than later! Maybe Jason could join us for dinner or something one day. :)

megan said...

I know somwone who wanted to be a bridesmaid in your wedding. i don't know how she would feel about not being your first choice though