Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Guess what!

Last week Jason's friend Jinny had her bridal shower. I didn't anticipate having a great time because Jason would be hanging out and catching up with old high school friends and I would be sitting there as the "fiance". Well it turned out that I am marrying a very understanding man and when the situation became a but more complicated between my ability to hang out with my little sister and get some wedding things done with my mother, he graciously stepped aside and let my mother come first.
While my mom and I looked at fabric and patterns for my temple dress Jason found out that one of his high school friends writes for Television with out Pity, a web site that I love! I do think she writes the recap for Charmed which means she hates the character Leo which is sad because I love Leo, but everyone can't be perfect. The funniest news in this little story is that this friend keeps a blog as well and part of her job is to look at other blogs. Guess who's blog she found and loves?
no, not mine, mine is boring.
She found Matt's blog! Jason was reading her post and it was talking about the Chinese translating the Revenge of the Sith and guess where the link went?!
Yep, Back Stroke of the West.
My brother is awesome.


Matthew said...

I'm glad you had a good time preparing for the wedding. It's neat that this friend had read my blog. I sometimes wonder how many of the people who read that entry stick around and turn into repeat customers...

Jonas said...

It's a small world.