Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I'm wondering...
What would you have to do to be assigned 250 hours of community service?
Yep, 250 HOURS!
another question that has come up is, after being assigned that many hours, why would you lie to the court about completing them?
Did you think no one would notice?
That they don't call the place you say you worked and confirm that the work was done?
(they send a time sheet over and we complete it and fax it back in the normal scheme of things.)


katie said...

Obviously you missed the season premiere of "Gilmore Girls." Rory got 300 hrs community service for stealing her boyfriend's parents' boat. With him along of course.

megan said...

who got community service?

Terra said...

oh, some guy- the recycling department gets people all the time who need to work off hours.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't her boyfriend's parents- it was an innocent bystander's at the yacht club. Her boyfriends parents were hosting an engagment party on their boat that evening.

watching too much tv again...