Thursday, September 22, 2005

News in the life of Terra:

Got offered a new job today... I think I'm going to take it.

I have a (paying) photo shoot on Sunday.

I have no idea what to get Dad for his birthday.

I wish desperatly that I had the money to upgrade my camera. I really want to pursue phtography.

Jason did great with his CPR class- he is sub-contracted by a company who certified this particular client for 10 years and several people told Jason they learned more in his class than in any other class they've taken.
Plus this sub-contracting job can turn into a full time position. which means benifits.


Matthew said...

I have decided that the inconvenience of updating my phone list clearly outweighs any possible benefit you might have had by taking the new job.

Terra said...

well, in that case I'll just tell them I reconsiderd :)

Mary Ann said...

will you take the new job?