Monday, September 12, 2005

She did that!

Isabella is facinated with Fred (our bird) and during this visit she wanted to feed him a seed ball and have him sit on her shoulder:

(click on the picture to link to video)

Fred was fairly cooperative which I appreciated and Isabella was very proud of herself telling Mom-mom "I did that!" after he had finished eating.
We have a lovely visit this past weekend, Dad, Megan and Isabella came up to run in the Pace Race and we got horribly lost due to the crappy map Quest directions.
I ended up asking for directions twice and buying a map of charlotte. In the end a very nice police officer we asked while he filled his gas tank directed us to the correct location.
And a random racer.
I think for a lot of people the highlight of the race was getting passed by a 6 year old boy in his technical racing shirt and stop watch. Jason was waiting at the finish line and said the kid was booking it!
We also go the best race goody bag by far at this race. There were treats galore in our bag. We admit that we are shallow racers and want a cool t-shirt and goody bag to make us happy.


Matthew said...

What is dad saying in the video?

Terra said...

I have no idea- I think he was just reasuring Isabella because while she wanted to have the bird on her shoulder once he was there she was hesitant and would stand stiff as a board.

megan said...

as a mommy translator i would like to point out that isa was saying "i did it" this could easily be misunderstood by someone who doesn't spend every waking moment with her. i still have to tell josh what she is saying half the time.