Thursday, September 01, 2005

Well I ran him off

Kevin has passed his torch to a new guy.
I know this because Kevin called me today to let me know that the guy had been in the apt poking his nose into each of the rooms and was unsure which were occupied.
This new guy called me to let me know that he has several girls that are interested in the apt and he wants to bring them over at 4pm. I asked that he wait unit 7 so I can make the apt is in good order and so I can meet the new set of freaks that have lined up to rent the place.

I think this guy is now regretting agreeing to work for Kevin (Yes!) and said that he couldn't guarantee that I get 24 hours notice before showing the apt.
I (nicely) pointed out that my lease guaranteed me 24 hours notice and that if I had come home for lunch and found some strange guy in my apt I would have called the cops on him.

He said he would be sure to leave a message on my phone at the very least before showing the place.
I might have heard him mutter "I never should have taken this job" under his breath. :)
I can't stand Kevin and I can't stand my apt. and can't wait to get out of there.
two more months and counting!


Demanda said...

Where are you living? Is it becouse you are moving out? They are showing the apt 2 months in advance? thats crazy. Hope your next place is better! I guess if Jason is with you it will be.

Jonas said...

Yeah "jobs" suck anyway. I don't know anyone who likes their "job".

Sharing an Apartment is worse. My sister inlaw is living that nightmare right now too.

Terra said...

I like my job =)

Katie said...

So, obviously I don't really read blogs that often, but I have no idea when your wedding is. Well, I know it's in October, but that's it. Will I be getting an invitation at some point? I'm only asking b/c it could really conflict with school. I know it's on a weekend, at least I think it is. As you know I'm an art major and I also have to submit my candidacy portfolio this semester so things are really crazy and I'd like to compare the dates to my syllabi.

voacart said...

Hey, was browsing through Dave's bookmarked blogs and found yours. It's a good blog-just wanting to say that I like my job, also.