Monday, October 24, 2005


I didn't get in trouble for this but it did pique my curiosity on other parents view on this situation.

I walk in and see Ariana chewing on two of the Heilpern's dogs toys. I know these toys have not been washed since I met the Heilpern's and I know that the dog in question eats gross things.
Taking these things into account I took the toys away from her and gave her a cookie instead. Sis. Heilpern feels like if the parents are OK with the action then there is no need to take action. Angie thought it was funny that Ariana was chewing on the dogs chew toys.

The question is this:
If someone sees your child doing something that isn't good for it (omitting any dangerous situations because that's a given) should they redirect/stop your child (but not discipline) from that action even if you are in the room at the time?
I am also assuming that the child isn't right next to you either.


Jonas said...

I would have done the same thing. Then I would have gone to the mother and asked her why she thinks it's funny to let her child chew on dog toys, in a nice way of course.

Mary Ann said...

I would rather have another adult say "no" when I say "yes" than say "yes" when I say "no". In other words, I hate it when people give her candy (without even asking me!) when I know she has already had too much.

Anonymous said...

A definite sore spot for me. Animal toys and children should not mix. A simple redirection is appropriate. You will not change the parental opinion but you do not need to watch it happening and do nothing. Dad

Josh said...

i don't really like kids except for my own, and i don't really care if they chew on something nasty. i used to hate it when people would grab isa's paci and give it to me so i could wash it. i wanted to say, "if i washed it everytime it hit the ground, i would have to quit my job and hire a nanny. just give her the paci so she'll stop crying!"

there's not much NOT nasty about little kids. i just try to keep mine away from my rifle under the couch.

Bonnie said...

pole-a rod or dowel such as a clothes pole or fishing pole
poll- a survey of opinions

peak- a summit
pique-to stimulate an interest

Homonyms: Use with caution!

Bonnie said...

Now that you and Jason are officially wed, this seems especially apt.
"Bad Spellers of the World Untie!"

Terra said...

Just to let everyone know, I don't like it when people point out my spelling mistakes. Every now and then is fine, but not twice on the same post.
It's not funny (to me).
We all have our weak points, and none of us like them pointed at.

Josh said...

i have a weakness for eclairs from the fresh market in winston. mmmmmmmm...