Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I’m freezing cold.
I’m so cold that I have popped the popcorn I brought with my lunch and now have it sitting on my lap so that I can get a little warmer.
I am so finding a space heater and bringing it in tomorrow.
Blegh, I hate being cold, and the crazy thing is, is that there are people here who are HOT!
I am also bringing in my MP3 player because this office is deathly quiet, and it bugs me.

Yesterday, I took photos for a paying client, and set an additional appointment for a session with both her sons.
Yay, for me!

No, news on my wedding photos yet. (Like a nerd I’m checking her web site several times a day).

In other news, Jason made me a sandwich for lunch today and…it’s very strange (to me).
I’ve been going over to my old apt. and loading up the car each day, but haven’t gotten all the condiments out of the fridge yet, so we don’t have mustard or mayonnaise at the new apt. yet. He asked if I wanted Ranch dressing on the sandwich instead (ew) but I told him to just put some cheese in it and I would nuke it at work.
I just looked at the sandwich. It has about half the package of honey ham in it…and nothing else. Two slices of bread with about 5 slices of meat in between them. He did make a tasty dinner last night though.

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Mary Ann said...

It has taken me a long time, but I have finally realized that boys have a very different idea of "sandwich" from girls.

It was so nice of him to make you lunch. :)