Monday, October 03, 2005

quote of the day

"I can't play in my room, it's too clean now."
Perrin Kingaby

"Can I have a little brother? We could plant the seed in your stomach and I would water it and take care of it till it grew up."
Perrin Kingaby

"Go to Jason's house and get his sword, and slay the evil bees!"
Perrin Kingaby

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Mrs. K said...

the seed conversation was more like...

Perrin-"Mommy can we plant a brother for me?"


P-"We can just scoop a seed out of your tummy and plant it in the garden- and I will water it and help it grow"

M- (staring- open mouthed- unsure of how to respond)

P- "I will take care of it and watch it grow and in about like a month, and a year, we can pick a baby brother. Dakota has a baby brother...I want on too."

M- "Go tell daddy"